Flow Point


The retail chains, stores, offices, recreational areas, and finally various institutions struggling right now with daily operations, where the sanitary regime and social distance are an absolute priority, and also the importance of the number of people in such facilities - has become an inspiration in improving the operation of such organizations and broadening the safety. The result of market observation is the  FLOW POINT - a device necessary in managing the people's flow during Covid-19.


The Flow point features: The device is used to count the number of people in the facility in real-time. An integrated touch screen easily ensures communication between users and the device. The RGB lamp and beeper (sound signal) allow raising alarms in case of e.g. reaching the limit of people in the facility. The device works with other Flow Points, so it can be used with more than one input. The Flow Point device provides a preview of statistics over the internet. The administration panel allows you to view live statistics on the number of people, the number of overruns, and the status of the device e.g.: running out of the disinfectant. In the standard mode, the device supports entrance/exit up to 200 cm or up to 430 cm - to force the direction of movement. Moreover, the Flow Point has a built-in wireless hand disinfection fluid dispenser from the market leader SELFMAKER. The device also can be extended with an essential temperature sensor for the facility of the newcomers and the mask presence verification feature. The device can be delivered to any place in Europe.




 liczenie ilości osób w obiekcie w czasie rzeczywistym

 sygnalizacja dźwiękowa o osięgnieciu limitu wewnątrz obiektu

 sygnalizacja dźwiękowa o przekroczeniu limitu osób wewnątrz obiektu

 dotykowy ekran LCD do obsugi systemu

 przycisk "freeze" - do zablokowania licznika na czas przejścia pracownika

 obsługiwanie wejścia do 430 cm szerokości

 bezdotykowa dezynfecja rąk

 powiadomienie o kończącym się płytnie w zasobniku

 zdalne podgląd stanu urządzenia

 platfroma Cloud, która gromadzi i daje możliowść podglądu statysyk wejść/ wyjść, alarmów

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